If You Really Want Your Bitch To Conceive, Then Please Test Progesterone!

Mar 10, 2024

If You Really Want Your Bitch To Conceive, Then Please Test Progesterone!

Female dogs are in estrus.
It is hard-earned.
Is it full of hope?
Or a painful memory?
If you really want your bitch to conceive,
Then you must not
Start breeding at the time you think,
Breed naturally,
Breed when the vaginal secretion turns dark red based on experience.
Factors such as the bitch’s age, physical condition, long-term living environment and feeding habits will affect the changes in the estrus cycle to varying degrees.

● For the same female dog, each estrus cycle is different.

● It is less likely to get pregnant by judging the estrus cycle based on the changes in the bitch’s external genitalia and vaginal secretion color.

 Progesterone testing is currently the most advanced and accurate method to determine the ovulation cycle of female dogs.
According to the comprehensive evaluation method combining the changes in progesterone content in the blood and the degree of keratinization of vaginal epithelial cells, the pregnancy rate of female dogs can exceed 85%.

It should be noted that the morphological changes of vaginal epithelial cells are only an external manifestation of changes in hormone levels in the body, and often cannot truly reflect the rapid changes in hormone levels in the body. Observing only the morphological changes of vaginal epithelial cells often leads to delays. Therefore, it is best to adopt a comprehensive evaluation method combining morphological analysis of vaginal epithelial cells and progesterone testing.
Regarding progesterone testing, our suggestion is:

Conduct the first progesterone test on the 7th day after the female dog starts estrus. It may sound earlier than you expected, but we are monitoring the process of progesterone level changes to determine the time when the female dog’s eggs are released in large numbers and mature, effectively improving the pregnancy rate. In addition, a frequently asked question by some customers is “what progesterone level can I breed at?” Actually, there is no fixed value! Through a large number of studies, we may know the approximate progesterone level during ovulation in female dogs, but when breeding, there is no ideal fixed range of values.

First, different progesterone testing institutions use different machines, and the progesterone value units are also different. Secondly, when it is the best time for breeding, the progesterone value may be around 10~30ng/mL, or it may be greater than 60ng/mL. The time for breeding depends on the ovulation time judged by continuously monitoring the progesterone level. We cannot say that breeding should be done when the progesterone reaches a certain value.

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