Introduction to dog breeding and birth-related knowledge (dog breeding methods)

Jan 28, 2024

Introduction to dog breeding and birth-related knowledge (dog breeding methods)

The whole process of dog breeding is divided into three stages: the dog's estrus and mating, the pregnancy of the female dog, and the delivery of the female dog. Dogs like to have multiple fetuses, and the puppies carried by the female dog are usually between 3 to 5, so each breeding can add more members to the entire dog family. Below is the introduction of relevant knowledge of dog breeding and birth.

First, estrus and mating

  1. When the dog is in estrus, the owner knows that the dog needs to be mated. The female dog usually starts to become estrus at 6 months to 1 year old. At this time, the owner needs to select a mating male dog in advance, and keep the female dog and male dog together during estrus, so that they can get familiar with each other and complete the entire mating process smoothly.
  2. During the mating process, pay attention to the quietness of the surrounding environment to avoid interference from humans and hinder the mating of the dogs. While ensuring the quietness of the surrounding environment, the owner also needs to stay quietly by the side. When the dogs have mating difficulties or the female dog's emotions are excited, they can provide timely help and comfort the dogs' emotions.

Second, pregnancy

  1. About a week after successful mating, the dog starts to have pregnancy symptoms. If you observe carefully, you will find that the female dog's vulva contracts and she has symptoms of loss of appetite and vomiting. When pregnant for about a month, the dog's mammary glands protrude, and her breasts begin to enlarge, with pink nipples. At this time, it can be judged that the dog is indeed pregnant. If the owner is worried, they can take the dog for a detailed physical examination. The gestation period of a dog is usually about 63 days from the day of mating.
  2. After becoming pregnant, a dog's appetite will increase. Generally, it is 1-3 times more than usual. When the female dog is one and a half months pregnant, her food intake should increase by 30% to 50%. Feed the dog according to the principle of eating less but more frequently, and provide her with rich protein, vitamins, high calcium and minerals in each meal. It is also necessary to provide enough fresh water for the dog to drink every day.
  3. Pregnant dogs become lazy and like to hide in their den. At this time, the owner needs to take their dogs for some simple exercise, such as going out in the sunshine or taking a walk in the park. It is important not to let the dogs do strenuous tumbling jumps to avoid harming the fetus.

Third, delivery period
Dogs can generally complete the entire delivery process on their own. It is necessary to prepare a clean and comfortable place for dogs during delivery, so that they are not disturbed while delivering puppies. The owner should stay by the side of the delivering dog and prepare scissors, towels, warm water and other delivery supplies. If it is difficult for the dog to deliver puppies on its own, it can provide timely assistance. If it is impossible to help the dog complete the delivery process, it should contact a veterinarian or take the dog to a pet hospital in time to ensure that both mother and puppies are safe.

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