Method for Detecting Abnormal Pregnancy Hormones in Dogs

Dec 08, 2023

Method for Detecting Abnormal Pregnancy Hormones in Dogs
Urine testing: By collecting a urine sample from the dog, it is possible to detect the presence of metabolites of progesterone. This method is relatively simple and easy to perform, but its accuracy is not as good as blood testing and ultrasound examination.
Vaginal cytology: Collecting cell samples from the dog's vagina to observe the morphology of the cells and the nature of the secretions to determine if the dog is pregnant. This method is mainly used to detect early pregnancy, but cannot determine the health status of the fetus.
Abdominal palpation: An experienced veterinarian can detect the position, size, and shape of the fetus by touching the dog's abdomen, and determine whether there are any abnormalities. This method requires a veterinarian with extensive experience and a feel for the body, so the accuracy is relatively low.
Fetal electrocardiogram: This method monitors the electrical activity of the fetus' heart by placing electrodes on the heart area to determine the fetus' health status. This method can provide direct evidence of the fetus' health status, but requires specialized equipment and personnel.
It is important to note that different methods and testing approaches are suitable for different stages of pregnancy and diagnostic needs. When choosing a testing method, it is necessary to consider the specific situation comprehensively in order to achieve accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.

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