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MonggoQ: Elevating Pet Care to a Heartfelt Commitment

MonggoQ, from the moment it was born, stands with every furry baby, pays attention to the life and health of every life, and protects every member of every family. 

MonggoQ transcends the realm of being merely a brand; it embodies a heartfelt commitment to fostering life and safeguarding families. We recognize that every animal is an integral part of the family – a devoted companion, a soulful confidant. Since its inception, MonggoQ has been unwavering in its dedication to providing the utmost care for every furry member of your household.

Our mission is rooted in a profound love and respect for animal life. MonggoQ is more than just a business entity; it is a community of ardent animal enthusiasts, seasoned research experts, and a devoted veterinary team. Within this extended family, we relentlessly pursue excellence, aspiring to forge a brighter future for the overall well-being of animals.

At the core of our family lies MonggoQ Lab, an intricately specialized animal medical laboratory. Beyond the emphasis on the superior quality of our products, we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to scientific innovation, consistently elevating the benchmarks of animal health management. Every MonggoQ product undergoes meticulous research and testing, ensuring the most dependable support for your cherished pets.

We comprehend that pets are not mere companions; they are cherished family members. Hence, MonggoQ pledges to stand steadfastly by your side, delivering the highest quality products and services dedicated to the well-being and health of each family member.

Choose MonggoQ as the trusted companion for both you and your pet. Let us embark on a journey of unparalleled care and commitment together.

MongGo Animal Bio-Medical Technology CO.,LTD focuses on comprehensive diagnostic solutions for animal infectious diseases, chronic disease management, parasites, breeding, antibody vaccine monitoring, and common illnesses.

MongGo Animal Bio-Medical is the original manufacturer with nationally certified GMP,so the quality of the products are reliable.
From raw materials to product packaging, all stages of production, including the core process, are carried out in a 100,000-level purification new version GMP workshop. The production line adopts an internationally advanced fully automated assembly line, integrating intelligence, efficiency, environmental friendliness, consistency, and stability. Those all ensure consistent product quality.