Part 1: Description about Device.

Part 2: Quick Guide to Operation.

Part 3: FAQS

1.Q : Why do we consistently get progesterone test results above 30 ng/ml?

A: Progesterone can be measured at 1.0-30 ng/ml in canine serum. The obtain a result >30ng/ml, the sample can be diluted with a sample diluent and the numerical results re-measured. The determination results need to be multiplied by the dilution factor to calculate the final canine progesterone concentration.


2.Q: Why do your machines produce different results compared to other brands? Your testing seems inaccurate.

A: Due to variations in machines, there may be differences in the numerical values obtained during testing. However, our main focus is on the clinical significance of different progesterone levels. For example, if our machine reads a value of 2ng/mL, our clinical reference is the LH peak in dogs. However, other machines may display a value of 1ng/mL for the same LH peak. Therefore, accuracy cannot be solely determined based on numerical values, but rather on the clinical significance associated with those values.


3.Q :Can the MONGGO Q progesterone machine be used for reverse progesterone testing to determine when a female dog is ready to give birth?

A : Yes, it can help determine optimal breeding timing, predict delivery time, and detect reproductive disorders.


4.Q : How does the MONGGO Q Progesterone Analyzer determine when the female dog is due to give birth?

A : You can use our machine to test at different time intervals after mating until you observe a sharp decrease in progesterone levels. This will help you determine that the dog is nearing the whelping period.


5.Q : Is the testing result accurate for your progesterone machine?

A : Our progesterone machine utilizes an immunofluorescence detection system based on the principle of photoelectric detection, resulting in high precision, strong stability, rapid detection speed, and accurate results. It has been widely applied in disease detection and other fields, and can be comparable to laboratory testing.


6.Q: Why the result is inaccurate?

A: Due to high precision of this equipment, incorrect operation may cause wrong result. Please be sure to follow the operation instructions or video to test.


7.Q: My dog is 50 days pregnant and I used the MONGGO Q progesterone machine to test her progesterone levels. The result showed 40 ng/ml instead of 3±2ng/ml. Why is this happening?

A: During a normal pregnancy, progesterone levels can reach around 15-80ng/ml. As the dog approaches delivery, there will be a significant decline in progesterone levels, but the extent of this decline will vary depending on individual differences. By monitoring the trend of progesterone concentrations continuously, we can determine whether the dog is about to give birth or not.