Accurate detection of progesterone levels in dogs is a crucial step in ensuring precise breeding timing for female dogs and enhancing reproductive success.

Jul 03, 2024

Accurate detection of progesterone levels in dogs is a crucial step in ensuring precise breeding timing for female dogs and enhancing reproductive success.

Below are detailed steps and precautions for correctly detecting progesterone levels in dogs:

I. Detection Tools and Methods

  1. Detection Tools
    • Fully Automatic Progesterone Analyzer: Such as the Beite Shuang Fully Automatic Dog Progesterone Analyzer produced by Hewei (Beijing) Animal Husbandry Technology Development Co., Ltd. These instruments are easy to operate, require no specialized technicians, and provide fast and accurate results.
    • Portable Progesterone Analyzer: Ideal for rapid on-site testing, like the Beite Shuang Portable Dog Progesterone Analyzer, which also offers high accuracy and convenience.
  2. Detection Methods
    • Blood Sample Collection: Obtain a blood sample from the female dog for testing. Sample collection must be done under sterile conditions to prevent contamination that could affect test results.
    • Sample Processing: Purify the collected blood sample to extract serum. This step is crucial for removing impurities and enhancing the accuracy of the test.
    • Reagent Testing: Drop the purified serum into a reagent test card and read the data through the instrument. Different instruments and brands may have varying operational steps and reagent requirements, so it's essential to follow the instructions strictly.

II. Detection Steps (Using the Beite Shuang Portable Progesterone Analyzer as an Example)

  1. Power On: Turn on the switch at the top of the machine to ensure it's operational.
  2. Instrument Self-Check: After self-checking, the instrument will enter the main page.
  3. Select Test Mode: Click on the "Standard Test" option on the main page.
  4. Add Serum: Use a pipette to draw an appropriate amount (usually 80ul) of serum and drop it into the round hole of the test card, allowing the serum to flow into the detection area.
  5. Insert Test Card: Insert the test card with the round hole facing forward into the card slot of the machine.
  6. Start Test: Click the "Standard Test" button on the screen or directly press the blue button to initiate the test. The instrument will automatically perform the test for approximately 15 minutes.
  7. View Results: Once the test is complete, the instrument will automatically display the results. The results are typically presented as numerical values, indicating the progesterone level and breeding timing for the female dog.

III. Precautions

  1. Sample Collection and Processing: Ensure the sterility of sample collection and the standardization of processing to improve the accuracy of test results.
  2. Instrument Operation: Follow the instrument instructions strictly to avoid errors caused by improper operation.
  3. Result Interpretation: Different progesterone levels and breeding times correspond to different numerical ranges, requiring interpretation and judgment based on specific situations.
  4. Comprehensive Consideration: Progesterone detection is just one method of determining breeding timing for female dogs. It's necessary to combine other heat detection methods (such as vaginal smear, hormone assay, and vaginal endoscopy) for comprehensive judgment.

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