Guidelines For Dog Progesterone Testing And Timing Of Breeding

Feb 23, 2024

Guidelines For Dog Progesterone Testing And Timing Of Breeding

During the proestrus stage, the progesterone levels of most dogs tend to rise gradually. If the detected level is below 5, it is recommended to wait for at least 2 to 3 days before conducting the second test.

Once the level rises above 8, the progesterone level may increase more rapidly. For example, if today’s test result is 8.35, the next day’s test may jump directly to 15.90.

If the first test result is between 8 and 15, it is recommended to conduct the second test after 36 hours.

If the test result is above 15, conduct the second test the next day.

If the test result is above 50, there is a risk of a false pregnancy, but it does not mean it will definitely happen, as sperm and eggs have a certain survival time. However, if you only rely on the threshold of 50 to make a judgment, a risk warning should be issued. If the dog has not been bred yet, please proceed with mating immediately.

In practical operations, it has been found that some dog breeds, such as German Shepherds or large, younger dogs, may have their first breeding when their progesterone level is around 35, and then conduct the second breeding after a 36-hour interval.

These instructions are for reference only, and adjustments should be made according to specific situations and the dog’s health status. If needed, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian or professional breeder.

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