Mar 21, 2024


As the saying goes, “A good male dog makes a good litter, while a good female dog makes a good nest.” It should be fully realized that the quality of feeding and management of male breeding dogs not only has a direct relationship with the breeding ability and physical condition of male dogs, but also has a direct impact on the reproductive rate of female dogs, the quality of offspring, and the number of puppies born. Relevant personnel should manage in strict accordance with the feeding standards of male breeding dogs and local actual feeding conditions, and reasonably match the daily ration. Male breeding dogs should be appropriately exercised for 1 hour in the morning and afternoon every day to truly make them sexually vigorous, physically strong, and produce semen with better quality. The ratio of female dogs to male dogs in the dog farm should be maintained within an appropriate range. If the proportion of female dogs is too large, the male dogs will be overburdened; conversely, it will cause obvious waste of male dogs. Under normal circumstances, natural mating should be adopted, maintaining a ratio of 1 male dog to 3 female dogs. Finally, it should also be fully guaranteed that the number of matings of male dogs is effectively controlled. Generally, adult male dogs should not exceed more than 3 times a week, fully ensuring the balance between mating, exercise, and nutrition of male dogs.

Strengthen the feeding and management of reserve female breeding dogs

Rapid growth and development are important characteristics of reserve female dogs, so they should maintain appropriate feeding conditions and try their best to make the female dogs reach 70% to 80% of their normal weight. Relevant staff should take ensuring the supply of nutrition as the basic premise. In the process of feeding, attention should be paid to the feeding of roughage, especially green forage. Generally, the proportion of refined and green forage should be maintained at 1:3 to avoid excessive accumulation of fat and ensure that the female breeding dogs can normally conceive, ovulate, and estrus.

Do a good job in the nursing care of female dogs during childbirth to ensure the survival rate of puppies

1.1 Do a good job in pregnancy diagnosis and prevent miscarriage of female dogs

After mating, if the female dog no longer shows estrus, it can be judged that she is pregnant. In this case, the quality of childbirth care should be fully guaranteed to minimize the mortality rate of embryos and ensure that the number of puppies born per litter is fully increased. Staff should carefully observe and manage pregnant female dogs, try to avoid strenuous exercise, and ensure that various preventive measures are fully in place.

1.2 Correctly deliver puppies to improve their survival rate

It is necessary to ensure the correctness of the delivery method to control the mortality rate of puppies, and to fully do a good job in the daily care of puppies to ensure their survival rate.

1.3 Do a good job in comprehensive prevention and treatment of epidemics

Relevant staff should seriously carry out epidemic prevention work, purify and control the dog farm, fully ensure the rationality of the immunization program in this farm, and eliminate the occurrence of major animal diseases. Special attention should be paid to the occurrence of illness in female dogs during the late stage of pregnancy.

Master scientific breeding techniques to improve the reproductive rate of female dogs

1.1 Master the mating age of female dogs

If the female breeding dog is mated too early, it is likely to have problems such as slow growth of puppies, small birth weight of puppies, high mortality of dead fetuses, and few puppies born. On the other hand, mating too late may directly cause economic waste. Usually, female breeding dogs should be mated during their second estrus when they have basically matured. Due to the different mating ages of female breeding dogs, they will have different ovulation times. Therefore, it is best to mate before ovulation. Relevant staff should flexibly grasp the mating time and try to follow the principle of “early mating for old dogs, late mating for young dogs, and intermediate mating for dogs of moderate age.”

1.2 Adopt artificial insemination to improve the reproductive rate of female dogs

Artificial insemination can avoid the spread of reproductive system diseases and infertility in female dogs, and significantly improve their pregnancy rate, puppy survival rate, and healthy puppy rate.


The reproductive rate of female dogs is affected by many factors. Therefore, different technical measures should be adopted according to the actual situation, such as strengthening the selection of dogs and improving the breeding level of breeding dogs; creating a good living environment and optimizing the ecological structure of the dog farm; fully ensuring the scientific nature of feeding and management to ensure the normal reproductive function of breeding dogs; carefully caring for female dogs during childbirth to ensure that the survival rate of puppies is fully improved; ensuring the scientific nature of reproductive techniques to fully improve the reproductive rate of female dogs, etc.

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