10Pcs Ovulation Test Strips for Canine, Only Used with Dog Ovulation Detector(Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer),cProg-10

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Product description

What You Get:

10*Test cassette contained in aluminum foil pouch, 10*sample collection tube with sample diluent, ID card, instruction manual

How To Use:
  1. Bring all reagents and samples to room temperature before testing;
  2. Remove the test box and place it on a clean level surface;
  3. Using a 100ul pipette, aspirate 50ul of the sample and add it to the diluent tube;
  4. Use a 100ul pipette to mix the sample thoroughly 5-6 times and collect 100ul of the sample mixture;
  5. Use a 100ul pipette to add 100ul of the mixture to the sample well of the reagent strip;
  6. After 15 minutes of reaction, perform the result interpretation on the MongGo Q analyzer, and the result will be displayed on the instrument;
  7. Remove the test strip.

The Canine Ovulation Test Kit is Convenient Fast and Accurate Easy to Use Results Detection,only provides results in just 15 minutes.Effectively save time and reduce the cost of expensive veterinary visits.

Wide Application:

The dog ovulation test kit can help determine optimal breeding timing, predict delivery time, and detect reproductive disorders. This kit is for veterinary use only


      1.This test kit is for use in canine only. Do not use on other animals;

  1. The test cassette is sensitive to temperature and humidity. Immediately use upon opening the aluminum foil pouch;
  2. Each component is disposable;
  3. Do not touch the testing window on the test cassette;
  4. Do not use the kit after the expiration date;
  5. Do not use the kit if the aluminum foil pouch is damaged;
  6. Do not use components of different batch numbers in a single test. Each component has been tested acceptable;
  7. Wear disposable gloves during testing and follow sanitary procedure after testing since each sample is associated with potential risk;
  8. Dispose of the medical waste according to local regulations.

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